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Reactivation of the shopping cart for the manufacturing capacities in Februar 2019 will be on November 1st, 2018 00:00 CET. (See countdown below)

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» captivating jewelry » for men only »

Hi, Guys ? just a minute!

This is a rare opportunity to get an SM-factory ?cuff? ? without having to pay for it!!

Show this to your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend and they will be happy to present you with this cool item at the next opportunity.

But we don?t want to keep quiet about the fact that there are two small drawbacks:

  1. You will get the ?cuff?, but you will probably not get the keys.
  2. The next time you use your bathroom scales, you don?t have to think about another diet.

» ballstretcher
Now the scales will say that you?ve put on a little weight. ;-)