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aluminium collar 20mm
EUR 179,00
incl. VAT.
Currently new orders are not possible


AUDI realized this quite a while ago, Renault and Ford followed suit and Mercedes, BMW and Porsche use it for their bodywork as well: Aluminium.

It is ultra-light, it looks just great and the catch of this collar is astonishingly ingenious:

Two thin magnetic pins which function as dowels slot into the appropriate recesses fitted with embedded magnets ? et voilà, you?ve got an extremely lightweight yet firmly closed aluminium collar.
Available only 20mm width.
(Audi, Renault, Ford, Mercedes, BMW and Porsche are registered trademarks.)

Shipping info

Custom-made to order.
Required measurements:
  • circumference
  • diameter front-back
  • diameter left-right
Measuring instructions

Shipping as a DHL package with a tracking link.
Delivery time depends on where you live.

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