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It took a while, but it was worth it!  There is a really capable successor for SM-factory. I have known him for many years and also his commitment and the quality of his work.   All I can do now, is to thank all my customers for many years of trusting cooperation and to say goodbye.   I'm off then, finally enjoy my retirement and leave the work to my successor ;-)  Hans-F.Weiß       Jan.17th.2019


clip collar
EUR 169,00
incl. VAT.


While with nearly all collars crafted by SM-factory the sophisticated and functional lock and/or catch is in the background, in this case it is the collar itself!

The built-in tension of the stainless steel rings the collar is made of prevents the triangular adapter piece from slipping down (into the décolleté, for example).

Although the material used is relatively thin, one certainly doesn?t have to give up or compromise the pleasant feeling only a handcrafted state-of-the-art stainless steel collar can provide.

The fact that neither locks nor magnets are used here makes this collar the ideal companion to your mother-in-law?s 80th birthday party (and with no risk of being disinherited).

Shipping info

Custom-made to order.
Required measurements:
  • circumference
  • diameter front-back
  • diameter left-right
Measuring instructions

Shipping as a DHL package with a tracking link.
Delivery time depends on where you live.

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