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If you?re just looking for a beautiful yet unusual collar, you might want to consider taking a closer look at the ?open? version of our simple stainless steel rope collar.

It?s made of a stainless steel wire rope with a diameter of about 1/3 inches, one end of which is firmly attached to the catch.

The other end is simply pushed into the catch from the other side, where it is held in by the tension of the elastic material.

So, just pull the collar apart at the right angle, put it around your neck, push the loose end straight into the catch and let go ? that?s it!

Those of you for whom a collar is not just a piece of jewellery but a visible indication of power exchange should turn their attention to the lockable version.

It?s basically identical to the non-lockable version, but it has a small safety lock that prevents it from being opened ? except, of course, by the person who has the keys that come with the collar.

Shipping info

Custom-made to order.
Required measurements:
  • circumference
  • diameter front-back
  • diameter left-right
Measuring instructions

Shipping as a DHL package with a tracking link.
Delivery time depends on where you live.