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Collar ′simple but precious′

Inbus Halsreif
Collar 20mm
EUR 219,00
incl. VAT.
Currently new orders are not possible
Collar 30mm
EUR 229,00
incl. VAT.
Currently new orders are not possible
Collar 40mm
EUR 239,00
incl. VAT.
Currently new orders are not possible

Collar ′simple but precious′

Matte finish stainless steel, perfectly adapted to your neck and securely locked.

Be aware that with your choice of the collar width, you yourself decide how much attention you will attract.

Whatever your choice, the curious question, ?How the hell do you remove this collar?? will be part of your life from now on.

Needless to say, your answer will depend on the attractiveness of the person asking.

  • Very attractive and millions of $:

    I?ve tried everything but I can?t get it off. It?s hopeless ? but it looks like you have very nimble fingers ...

  • Nice, but not the man of your dreams:

    Look, there is a little hole. My sweetheart has a little key to open it.

  • Boring to obnoxious:

    It doesn?t come off!
    My father, the old psychopath, put the collar around my neck after my birth and he swore to kill anybody who would come too close to me.
    Oh, that?s him coming over there ...

OK, that last one was a little white lie.
You can open the collar with a special small Allen key.
The lock is designed like the hinge at the back of the collar, with an Allen screw in the centre, so all you need is a very small hole at the bottom of the collar to lock and unlock it.

Shipping info

Custom-made collar
Required measurements:
  • circumference
  • diameter front-back
  • diameter left-right
Measuring instructions

Shipping as a DHL package with a tracking link.
Delivery time depends on where you live.