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Collar ′Heaven´s Hell′

massiver Halsreif (mit Ring)
Collar 30 mm with detachable ring
EUR 239,00
incl. VAT.
Currently new orders are not possible
Collar 40 mm with detachable ring
EUR 259,00
incl. VAT.
Currently new orders are not possible
Collar 30 mm without ring
EUR 215,00
incl. VAT.
Currently new orders are not possible
Collar 40 mm without ring
EUR 229,00
incl. VAT.
Currently new orders are not possible

Collar ′Heaven´s Hell′

Even Kant knew that ?anything humans do they do for purely egoistic reasons?.

Why do people choose to lug a one- or two-pound collar around? Not just because they want to enjoy the design, that?s for sure.
No, the only reason is that they want to bask in the envy of others.

If you don?t know what it feels like when people turn their heads as you walk by, you should really wear our solid steel collar without the ring in a small rural town.

But beware: If the local parson approaches you to ask you where on earth you got it, don?t get yourself into even deeper trouble ? just give him our web address instead. ;-)

But joking apart, the 0.25-inch stainless steel will wrap a horribly cosy weight around your neck which very soon you will not want to be without.

Only after taking a second or third glance at the lock will people inevitably wonder: "Who the hell has the key?"

The collars are made of 0.25-inch solid stainless steel. They?re 1.2 and 1.6 inches wide and weigh between one and two pounds.
If gaining one or two pounds doesn?t deter you, you will be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it feels when you wear it.

And if you like our solid collar, you might also appreciate the enormous value the ring adds. Just go ahead and order our solid collar with the ring.

Even in bigger cities the ring will get you the attention you want ? and its weight is increased by another ounce or so.

If you?re still looking for a practical and beautiful birthday, wedding or Christmas present, you should order immediately. (Please remember: We don?t compromise on quality, so if you don?t order well in advance, your present might be late!)

The manufacturer of the locks we use, ABUS, used to advertise with the slogan, ?Protect what is dear and precious to you!? (ABUS is a trademark of the ABUS Company)

This collar is the ideal bodyguard for all occasions. Whether in the opera or at a BDSM party, whether with or without the ring ? with our solid collar you?re always appropriately dressed ? if you dare, that is.

Shipping info

Custom-made collar
Required measurements:
  • circumference
  • diameter front-back
  • diameter left-right
Measuring instructions

Shipping as a DHL package with a tracking link.
Delivery time depends on where you live.

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