Hans-Friedrich Weiß
Rönnelstrasse 71
26349 Jade

Telefon: 04455 / 918126
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Reactivation of the shopping cart for the manufacturing capacities in March 2019 will be on December 1st, 2018 00:00 CET. (See countdown below)

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Order system

Even though SM-Factory sounds like beeing a big company, it´s an "one-man-show".
Every single piece is custom handmade to suit the needs of your individual orders. Beeing able to ensure the quality of my products I need a certain amount of time for every order.
(If 24 hours of work per day aint enough, i´ll just take the night too ;-)).

I started business in 1999 and after the first years the orders started to stabilize. This way I could ensure my customers, not to wait longer then 3 weeks till their orders are done and beeing shipped out.

Since 2013 I am allready retired, but nevertheless in 2015 the orders exponentially raised up to a waiting list of nearly 200 days.
The problem here is, I can´t keep up with these ordering masses. I don´t want to cut back on the quality of my products either, so the only valid solution is to shut down the shopping cart after the maximum order capacity for a month is reached.

On the first of every month at 00:00 (see countdown) the ordering process will be activated again and shuts down as soon as the maximum capacity is reached.
This may result in customers not beeing able to purchase the items in their shopping cart, due to reaching the capacity limit.

Something personal:
I appreciate all your tips and help, but please stop telling me to find some employees or trainees.
As stated above I am retired since 2013 and SM-factory IS a one-man-show and I certainly do NOT think of transferring it into a big company in my old days.