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It took a while, but it was worth it!  There is a really capable successor for SM-factory. I have known him for many years and also his commitment and the quality of his work.   All I can do now, is to thank all my customers for many years of trusting cooperation and to say goodbye.   I'm off then, finally enjoy my retirement and leave the work to my successor ;-)  Hans-F.Weiß       Jan.17th.2019

... Wrist cuffs / bracelets

All cuffs and bracelets (with the exception of the open bracelet) must be wide enough so they can be easily slid down to the back of the hand.
If you own a cuff or bracelet that fits well, you can get the correct measurements from it. Otherwise you will have to take the measurements from your (or the prospective wearer?s) wrist.


Your measurement must include the knuckle.
Find the maximum circumference, but don?t pull the tape measure tight.


We will need both diameters of the wrist (top?down and left?right).
The diameter must also include the knuckle.
To get the correct results, your measuring device should show a small gap (less than 1 mm) around the skin on either side.

Check your measurements for plausibility

This is what you can do to see if you did it right:
Add the two diameters together and multiply the total by 1.57.
The result should be the same as the circumference you measured or a little smaller (but no more than 5 to 6 mm). If it isn?t, something has gone wrong.

Lockable cuffs and bracelets
solid wristcuff with detachable ring
smooth elegance
open bracelet
classic coils
rope bracelet

available as ankle cuff too
solid ankle cuff
smooth elegance