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It took a while, but it was worth it!  There is a really capable successor for SM-factory. I have known him for many years and also his commitment and the quality of his work.   All I can do now, is to thank all my customers for many years of trusting cooperation and to say goodbye.   I'm off then, finally enjoy my retirement and leave the work to my successor ;-)  Hans-F.Weiß       Jan.17th.2019

... Collars

Most collars on the market are circular but few people actually have circular necks.
For a perfect fit, we will make the collar to fit the prospective wearer?s neck. For this to work, we will need not only the circumference but also the front↔back and left↔right diameters.

Measuring the circumference

Take a tape measure and measure the circumference in the lower third of your neck.
The tape should just touch the skin, but don?t pull it tight.
For the neck corset, we will also need the circumference of the upper third of your neck.

Measuring the diameters

This is a little more difficult, so we suggest that you ask another person to help. If you don?t have a calliper, you can also use the following method:

Take a sheet of cardboard and cut out a rectangle (you can start with a width of 10 cm).
Then try to put it around your neck. If the cut-out is too small, make it a little wider.
You got the correct measurement, when you can put it around your neck and there is very little space (less than 1 mm) between it and your neck on either side.
When you?ve found the left?right diameter, take the cardboard and try to put it around your neck from the side to measure the front?back diameter.

Check your measurements for plausibility

This is what you can do to see if you did it right:
Add the two diameters together and multiply the total by 1.57.
The result should be the same as the circumference you measured or a little smaller (but no more than 5 to 6 mm). If it isn?t, something has gone wrong.

SM-factory collars made to measure
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