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It took a while, but it was worth it!  There is a really capable successor for SM-factory. I have known him for many years and also his commitment and the quality of his work.   All I can do now, is to thank all my customers for many years of trusting cooperation and to say goodbye.   I'm off then, finally enjoy my retirement and leave the work to my successor ;-)  Hans-F.Weiß       Jan.17th.2019

The making of ...

We would like to show each customer how the unique pieces were made - but the time needed to do this would keep us from producing these items.
So we offer you a short description, photographed and documented by two customers who visited us.

Holyiay at the SM-Factory

In the late summer 2003 we visited the SM-Factory in Jade. It′s like a kingdom far away - but we got a warm welcome.

Because it′s impossible to document each item′s development handmade by Hans - we′ll try to tell you more about our visit and the creation of our wrist cuffs ...

11 am, measurement

Made to individual measurement is one feature of the SM-factory jewelry.  So a perfect and comfortable fit is guaranteed.

A little mathematics plus a little addition for cutting, bending and so on, Hans calculates the needed length for the green body.

rough grinding

The material still looks rather greyish, lacklustre and scratched. 

OK, it′s stainless steel, but it doesn′t look like the material you would  make fine bondage jewelry from.

But after the first rough grinding on the belt grinding machine the whole thing looks different.
In fact, the grinding surface pattern is rather-rough textured, but the typical stainless steel colour can just about be recognised.

by hook or by crook

This home made construction provides the correct bending.

With a pressure of about five tons the hydraulic jack forms the stainless steel.  Again and again Hans moves the material back and forth and checks the bending and the resulting diameters.

So two semicircular parts were formed.  In a later procedure these two parts are exactly co-ordinated to each other.

two half wrist cuffs but not yet halftime

In order that the two halves of the collar - or in this case the wrist cuff - match perfectly, both parts have to be well adjusted.

For this, both halves are clamped in the vice again and again and adjusted bit by bit.

Not until both parts have identical bends and lay flat on the surface plate is this production step completed.

precision work

Now very exacting work is required, because  the  hinge should not only look good but it should also work free from play.
Because Hans prefers old machines - someon would say antique - , there are no CNC control units but only pure manual work.

Original Statement Hans:
"These machines have worked very well for many years and they will in the future too.  And if I would equip my workshop with new machines, you wouldn′t be able to pay the new price for Katrins wrist cuffs"

make it or break it

Even if the main parts for the wrist cuff are ready-made, a dodgy moment impends.
The hole for the stud has to be drilled.

If now something goes wrong, the cuff or collar is only fit for a knacker′s yard
A second hole for the dowel pin has to be drilled, and then the stud is welded to the cuff.

it nearly looks like a wrist cuff...

Alright, the hinge is OK and works well and now it′s time for the big "cleaning".
First  the welding spot has to be removed and then the sides and the edges are levelled.  After bevelling all the edges the first polishing is done.

Have a look at it - it nearly looks like a wrist cuff. Only the lock and the ring with the adapter and the last polish are missing...

the first highlight ...

The wrist cuff is nearly ready but it  has to go to the milling machine for a second time because the most important part is missing .

The INTEGRATED LOCK - the distinctive trademark of SM-factory cuffs and collars.

For this patented locking mechanism only quality padlocks from ABUS are used.

And the best of all:
If customers order a set of cuffs and collars,  they can have a ′same key′ lock set on request.

the second highlight

Even if you can order the collar just like the wrist and the ankle cuffs with or without the ring adapter, don′t underestimate the message and first of all the usefulness of this little thing.

Because of the functional design of the cuffs and the ring adapter you can wear the "cuff with ring" without it.
Then you have an extravagant but unobtrusive piece of jewelry.

In reply to my question, why he actually offers cuffs and collars without ring adapter, I got the following answer:

"If someone knows that he never ever needs this ring adapter, he can save some work for me and some Euros for himself - and the small gap between the lock and the collar can be minimized".

Both parts, the ring and the adapter are bent by Hans himself and welded.
With the angle grinder - it′s amazing how multifunctional this tool is - and how many of them lost their life in Hans′ workshop - the adapter gets its final form.

6 pm - it′s done !!!

After breakfast we went to the workshop and now, quite a few hours later, the last polishing draws to a close.
There have been fascinating moments and at last it is done - the first of two wrist cuffs is finished.

Where in hell is the KEY ??? :-((